The Skirted Soldier Artisan Teas


Wonderful Flavors from the Skirted Soldier- a woman veteran owned operation

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The Skirted Soldier Artisan Teas

Homecoming is reminiscent of those warm & fuzzy military homecoming celebration videos. Both the smell and the taste of this blend is decadent and well, warm and fuzzy.We crafted this recipe with the hummingbird cake in mind. Hummingbird cake is a banana-pineapple spice cake originating in Jamaica and a popular dessert in the southern United States.It’s typically served with a cream cheese icing.This blend contains banana chips, cinnamon, almond, coconut, candied pineapple, white chocolate & white sugars.Contains ammo (caffeine).CONTAINS COCONUT & ALMOND PIECES.

Zoomie Zinger - You don't have to be an Academy grad to enjoy this blend of lemon peel, lemons & ginger root on a black tea base. Our Zoomie Zinger is full of flavor and will give your taste buds a good case of the zoomies.

Contains ammo (caffeine).

Aim High!

Wild Blue Yonder - Off we go into the Wild Blue Yonder with this new blend full of spring flavors.

We've combined blueberries, lemon peel & ginger on a black tea base to provide a flavor infusion fitting for take off!

Contains ammo (caffeine).

Lemonberry Liberator - Lemon & berry parfait.

Much like the B24 Bomber, this one will launch a blast of flavor power like no other.

A vibrant blend of lemongrass, lemon peel, lemon balm, lemon verbena, strawberries,  & vanilla chips on a black Yunnan base.

Contains ammo (caffeine).

Commander - Early Grey The Commander is sure to take charge with this smooth Earl Grey blend.

Contains ammo (caffeine). 

The Commander is a tea blend which has been flavored with the addition of bergamot oil, a variety of orange that is often grown in Italy and France. The rind's fragrant oil is added to black tea to give Earl Grey its signature elite flavor.

Green Beret - Moroccan Mint - Don your beret and jump into action with our blend of gunpowder green tea & peppermint leaves. The peppermint leaves produce a transparent emerald liquor with refreshing peppermint and subtle chocolate notes that make this a refreshing classic both hot or iced.

Green Beret contains ammo (caffeine).

Basic Training Blend will get you moving in the morning.

Contains ammo (caffeine). 

Basic Training compares to a traditional blend of teas originating from Assam, Ceylon, and Kenya. It is one of the most popular blended teas.

Basic Training is a black tea blend usually described as full-bodied, robust, rich and blended to go well with milk and sugar, in a style traditionally associated with a hearty English breakfast.

Valiant Vanilla - Valiant Vanilla is a warm & creamy medium bodied tea on a Black Nilgiri Tea base blended with jasmine flowers.  

Contains ammo (caffeine).

DMZ- Dreamsicle Zone Black Tea.Enjoy your summer favorite treat without the guilt!We've blended sweet orange black tea, vanilla black tea, sweet orange rind & jasmine petals for a flavor combination that will surely demilitarize your taste buds!

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Basic Training, Green Beret, Homecoming, Commander, Valiant Vanilla, Lemonberry Liverator, Wild Blue Yonder, Zoomie Zinger, DMZ


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