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Top Quality Peanuts from Hope & Harmony – delicious, tough to not keep going in for another handful.

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Salt & Pepper – by Hope & Harmony

Hope and Harmony Farms is proud to present our Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper gourmet Virginia peanuts. When it comes to seasoning, it doesn’t get more basic. Yet there’s something about this classic pairing that’s truly irresistible. When sprinkled on our Virginia peanuts, the result is a hearty crunch, a little zest and an abundance of peanut flavor. We combine all-natural salt with cracked black peppercorns for a ridiculously good taste. Happy eating!

About Hope and Harmony

Hope and Harmony Farms is proud to produce the finest hand cooked Gourmet Virginia Peanuts for our customers. The quality peanuts we are known for today all started with a time-honored family recipe that has been handed down for generations. All of our peanuts are grown locally, ensuring that we can choose from the freshest and highest quality peanuts. Hope and Harmony Farms ships gourmet peanuts straight from local farms to your doorstep.  From the “super extra-large” peanuts we roast and season by hand, to fresh from the field, in-shell raw peanuts, Hope and Harmony picks and packages every peanut with care.

  • Comes in a 10 oz tin.
  • Made in Virginia

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