Pecking Order Poultry Seasoning – Stainless Steel Shaker

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Poultry Seasoning from Casa M Spice with stainless steel shaker.? The shaker alone makes this a great deal.? It can be used over and over again, and this also includes 1 cup of seasoning!

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Pecking Order Poultry Seasoning with Stainless Steel Shaker – Casa M Spice

With black pepper, sugar, turmeric, and a few earthy, aromatic spices to perfectly complement poultry, a healthy dose of pecking order produces a deliciously tasty, charbroiled result with a crispy golden skin. It brings out the natural flavors in poultry to give you a finished product that is both beautiful and delicious.

We have not tasted anything that is less than fantastic from Casa M Spice.

Packaging: Stainless steel shaker (with 1-cup seasoning).

About Casa M Spice

Casa M, the house of Manny and Mike, had long since become synonymous with incredible hospitality and gourmet foods that always had a signature flavor and background heat. Throughout the years it became customary, as folks were leaving after a meal, that we were asked, what did you use on this or what was that flavor? Almost inevitably that turned into, will you share the recipe, or can I buy some somewhere and it got to the point where Manny jokingly said we should think about going legit instead of selling dime bags of Chain Reaction from the house! The next thing we knew, Casa M Spice Co was born.

Made in United States

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