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New products and product lines coming

We do not post to the Blog too often since we typically do most of our announcements and updates through social media and those seem to work well enough. But sometimes we want to add some content to the site that can be reviewed at your leisure.

First off we want to thank everyone for the support so far. Blairsville has been a very nice community and we hope to continue to grow the business and survive.

So here are just some general updates on what we are planning in the next 3-6 months.

New possible product lines:

  1. Spicy Jams and preserves – we have been asked about this at least a handful of times by customers so we are pursuing bringing in some local products – we hope to have these within the next month.
  2. More Hot Ones sauces – we continue to bring in more sauces from the hot ones show. A few vendors from the show have reached out to us to bring in the whole collection, but we are currently not in the position to do that so we will continue to bring in whatever we can get our hands on.
  3. Energy Drinks – we are piloting an energy drink currently and are looking for others to possibly bring in. We want safe, small batch, sugar free lines only. Oh and cost effective for both us and our customers of course.
  4. Coffee Drinks – these are going bye bye, nobody buys them and they have a short expiration.
  5. Wine slushie mixes – these are already on the way from Lake Erie Candy. We have a nice partnership with them already and are excited to continue to bring in some of their fun candies.
  6. Local Hot Sauces, olive oil and jerky – we are on the lookout for local vendors. We had an olive oil company lined up but she continued to not be very responsive or reliable so she is out. We had a few local jerky suppliers that did not meet our standards. We want local we really do, but we cannot suffer quality just to bring in local suppliers. We are quality first and foremost. We have another local jerky supplier that once USDA approved, will more than likely be offered in our store. We also reached out to a local hot sauce maker in Derry, PA.
  7. Events – our first event is the Indiana Faire Market on June 17th. Very new to us so we are not sure what to bring or what to expect. We will update as we get closer.
  8. Hours – we want to be open for longer hours during the week and possibly even Sundays so we are continuing to look for ways to do this.

That is about all of the updates I can think of, but we will continue to post and share.

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